Saturday, July 30, 2011

Clothes Swap Extravaganza!

So today, I was super excited to be a part of this amazing event-Swapping Uncapped! Basically, you bring $8 and a bag full of clothes to give away.  In turn, they set up the donated clothes in a really neat way and unleashed about 200 girls to grab as many clothes as they can! Although, I admit in the minutes before they 'released' us, I had butterflies in my tummy wondering if I would lose a toe or an arm in the mix, but overall everyone was pretty civilized. The ladies were all really trendy and there were some great brands-I left with JCrew tops, lots of vintage jewelry, belts and a few dresses!

This was a super fun event, sponsored by Vitamin Water and Pinkberry, so we got to nosh on some yummy fro-yo while waiting. I was also excited to hang out in the Fenway area of Boston, my college stomping grounds and meet up with a college friend!

Riding the bus to the event- Fenway, Boston
walking my college stomping grounds!

Getting ready for the swap...

can you feel the energy?

and of course some post-swap margaritas! swapping is hard work!

 Thank you eventbrite-swapaholics for hosting such a fun event! I also got to meet fellow bloggers Jessica Quirk (author of What I Wore) and Jen Lula who both have such amazing style and were so lovely in person!

 All in all, a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon....I am definitely hooked on swapping and looking forward to the next one, or maybe I'll make my own with a couple friends :)

Happy weekend everyone!



  1. quickest recap ever! Thanks for coming!

  2. This sounds so amazing! Sounds like a great shopping rush!

  3. This was my first swap too :) I had a blast--and made off with a few fun finds as well! I loved all your photos and I couldn't be more jealous that you went to school in that corner of Boston. Hope to see you at a future swap! xoxo {av}

  4. Yes I am hooked on swapping!! It was so much fun-check out the @swapaholics blog-that's me in the 6th picture-you can definitely tell I was feeling the rush!!