Wednesday, May 21, 2014

2 months

Okay so it's a little closer to 3 months, but this little man is keeping me pretty busy!

Here's what life is like for Ben at 2 months:

Age: 2 months in top pick, 10 weeks 4 days in bottom pic 

Height: 23 1/2 in

Weight: 12 lbs 2 oz

Likes: laying on his playmat each morning and playing with his 'animals'. Also, laying on his changing table and looking at his animal mobile. He still loves his baths and totally mellows out when he takes them. 

Dislikes: Ben hates tummy time, it's pure torture for him but he is getting better at it and building muscles though because he can now lift his head up and look around. 

Sleeping: it still varies day to day-but he'll usually give us at least one 4-5 hour stretch. 

Eating: still exclusively Breastfeeding! One of my biggest accomplishments so far as a mom!

Best moment: it's hard to pick just one! He is developing such a personality and will smile at us when he thinks we're being funny which is seriously the cutest thing. It's also been pretty great seeing grown adult turn to complete goofballs to try and make this little guy smile and laugh-he's pretty worth it though!

Worst moment: omg so yesterday I had a huge mom fail! I went to clip Ben's nails because those things were like daggers. I had scratches all over my chest and he had a few little scratches on his nose-it was time for those claws to I pick up the nail clipper and start with the thumbnail. Well I missed-terribly! I ended up cutting a chunk of skin! He immediately turned bright red and started screaming, tears streaming down his face-and this was a scream I hadn't heard yet-he was clearly in pain. So I grab him quickly, use a tissue to apply pressure and then start bawling right along with him-I had just mauled my son. It was so traumatizing...thankfully Ben was over it about 10 mins later and we're good now-but oy that was rough!

What I want to remember: when Ben first wakes up, the whole house is quiet and it's the wee hours of the morning. He is usually laying in his crib and making these happy little content noises that are just the sweetest thing. I then walk over to his crib, show him my face and say 'good morning' in a soft voice. He looks at me and gives me the biggest smile like 'oh good, it's you' and it seriously just melts my heart. I just fall more and more in love each day!

We love you bubba man!

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